Retrospect Backup: Change from normal to recycle in schedule


I have some backups that are so big they need to be on recycle mode instead of normal so I don’t run out of tape.   I tried to edit the script and the backup sets but I could not find a way to make it be recycle every time.

retrospect schedule backup






Within the “Edit Script..” area, click on the “Schedule Button” and then “Modify” your schedule.  Under “Action” change it to recycle, normal, whatever you want.  Kind of buried in there but hopefully this helps you to avoid wasting time trying to find it.

Retrospect backup recycle selection



Ipad mini won’t charge stuck on battery no lightning bolt


Bought an iPad Mini 2nd hand and my daughter ran the battery down completely.  Plugged it into the charger and I got the battery with the red bars at the bottom of the battery but wasn’t seeing the lightning bolt saying it’s being charged.  I tried different chargers, different lightning cables but nothing would work.  Had it plugged into a charger all night and it still wouldn’t charge.  Tried the alternating the home and sleep buttons solution that I’ve seen on many message boards and even tried cleaning the lightning port on the iPad.


My iPad Mini has a SIM slot and I remember reading that someone fixed this problem on their iPhone by removing the SIM card and then plugging it in.   So that is what I did.  Removed the SIM and within a minute the Apple logo popped up and is now charging.


Shared Exchange Calendar Not Showing Up on Iphone

Problem:  Have multiple users that share an Exchange 2010 calendar.  After we switched out their iPhone’s and added the shared calendar, it did not show up in the calendar view and wasn’t able to select it when choosing which calendars to view.  Tried restarting the iPhone, resetting the account and tried the Outlook app without any luck.

Solution:  Turns out that you have a limit of 10 devices that can sync with the account so I had to go into OWA and remove old devices.  You can also remove devices in Exchange Management Console using the “Manage mobile phone..” option.


Windows 10: Cannot download files in Edge or Internet Explorer

Working on a brand new computer with Windows 10 and the client reported they were unable to download a game.  Turns out that they were unable to download anything.  Within Edge or Internet Explorer, I would get a prompt to save the file but the it would not go any further.  “Save as”, “open”, “Run”, etc.. would not work; the browser was unresponsive.

Problem turned out to be with the file location within Internet Options, it was blank.  To set the file location do the following   This also fixed the sluggish speed of the browser too.

  1. Goto control panel and select “Internet Options”
  2.  Select  “Settings” <button> under the “General” file tab
  3.  Verify under “Current Location” that the path is on the C:\ Drive
  4.  If it’s blank under “Current Location do the following:
    1. Select  “Move Folder…” <button> under “Temporary Internet Files” file tab
    2. Navigate to a folder of your choice on C:



Internet Explorer and Chrome won’t launch after Windows 10 upgrade

User upgraded their HP laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.   After about a month, Internet Explorer and Chrome would not launch.  Double click on the icon and nothing.  Didn’t even have an instance running within Task Manager.  Tried resetting IE and uninstalling some malware but no dice.  IE and Chrome weren’t working.  Started to suspect something in the user profile might be the culprit.

Created a new user on the laptop and IE and Chrome worked just fine.  I figured this was the fastest route because I could be troubleshooting this issue for days.  Moved over the user’s data and documents to the new profile and all was good.   Have you had this issue too?   Were you able to isolate where in the user profile this happened?  Please leave a comment if you have.