Streaming with my new Fire TV Stick

I can get a bit frugal; some might call me cheap but I get the most out of what I purchase.  Example. I had a first gen Amazon Fire TV stick.  I got my money’s worth with it but it started crashing and wouldn’t run well with Disney Plus and Hulu.  Netflix would occasionally crash and I just stopped using it.  Not worth my time.  

Amazon Streaming: Fire TV STockSurrendered to new technology

Finally!  I ordered a new Fire TV Stick from Amazon and I’m mad at my past self for not pulling the trigger earlier.  Runs nicely, no more crashes and the TV controls alone are worth it.  The nice thing is that my TV remote is able to control the Fire TV Stick software as well. This is nice when I’m too lazy to try to find the Fire TV stick remote.   I also have access to a lot of free live content.  Not sure how much I will watch the news in Los Angeles or Chicago but it was fun at first.  

Best Streaming Device?

I’ve had a Roku before and I have a older Apple TV and honestly, I can’t find a reason to pick those over this.  Mainly for price.  The only thing Apple TV has on the Fire TV stick is that I can’t mirror my iPhone or MacBook Pro.  But my older gen does so I’m good.   For the price, it’s worth a try.


What is your favorite streaming device?


Getting an edge in Warzone

As an older gamer, I’m constantly trying to find something that will help my play when playing Warzone on Xbox.  I don’t play enough to be awesome and I’m not young enough to keep up with some of these players; including my son.  Below is what I have done to even the playing field just a bit so this old fart won’t embarrass himself as much.  

  1. Recommended to me by a friend, the Dell S2721QS is a great gaming monitor.   I can see the action better and there is less time trying to find what I want to shoot in Warzone.  Especially helpful with the new Calera Map.
  2. I got tired of taking my thumb off the stick to jump, open things, slide, etc… So I got a Microsoft Elite Series 2 controller.  Spartakus uses one on his stream and hearing him talk about it made me want to give it a try.  This controller is well made, nice and heavy and definately has made me a better player.   I got a refurb to save some money and haven’t had any issues yet.
  3. To go with my MS Elite Series 2, I bought a 2nd set of thumbsticks and paddles.   I did not like the short paddles because I tended to push two at the same time, the way they were positioned.   So I now have 4 long ones on the back.  Took a bit to get used to but so much better.
  4. Upgraded to the SteelSeries Arctis 9x headphones because I wasn’t hearing footsteps with my old set.  With COD and Warzone, I have a hard enough time hearing footsteps so I got these.  Bluetooth, so no wires and you can still have your phone connected, in case you need to make a call or listen to some tunes while playing.
  5. Got me a Bluetooth keyboard to round it out.  This doesn’t help my play but I like it because I can name my loadouts faster.  I get so annoyed by naming my loadouts with my controller.

Retrospect Backup: Change from normal to recycle in schedule


I have some backups that are so big they need to be on recycle mode instead of normal so I don’t run out of tape.   I tried to edit the script and the backup sets but I could not find a way to make it be recycle every time.

retrospect schedule backup






Within the “Edit Script..” area, click on the “Schedule Button” and then “Modify” your schedule.  Under “Action” change it to recycle, normal, whatever you want.  Kind of buried in there but hopefully this helps you to avoid wasting time trying to find it.

Retrospect backup recycle selection



Ipad mini won’t charge stuck on battery no lightning bolt


Bought an iPad Mini 2nd hand and my daughter ran the battery down completely.  Plugged it into the charger and I got the battery with the red bars at the bottom of the battery but wasn’t seeing the lightning bolt saying it’s being charged.  I tried different chargers, different lightning cables but nothing would work.  Had it plugged into a charger all night and it still wouldn’t charge.  Tried the alternating the home and sleep buttons solution that I’ve seen on many message boards and even tried cleaning the lightning port on the iPad.


My iPad Mini has a SIM slot and I remember reading that someone fixed this problem on their iPhone by removing the SIM card and then plugging it in.   So that is what I did.  Removed the SIM and within a minute the Apple logo popped up and is now charging.


Shared Exchange Calendar Not Showing Up on Iphone

Problem:  Have multiple users that share an Exchange 2010 calendar.  After we switched out their iPhone’s and added the shared calendar, it did not show up in the calendar view and wasn’t able to select it when choosing which calendars to view.  Tried restarting the iPhone, resetting the account and tried the Outlook app without any luck.

Solution:  Turns out that you have a limit of 10 devices that can sync with the account so I had to go into OWA and remove old devices.  You can also remove devices in Exchange Management Console using the “Manage mobile phone..” option.