Proxy settings are set to on Windows 7 Machine

The proxy settings in Internet Explorer are set to and when I uncheck it, the settings eventually come back.  The symptoms that made me check the proxy settings were the following:

  Within Chrome I was getting certificate errors on normally trusted website like google and Facebook.
  I was unable to get to any site on the internet using chrome or Internet Explorer at times
  Ran ESET online scan and it would crash
  ESET would freeze after some time and I would have to reset after unchecking the proxy settings

I unchecked the proxy settings and used ESET online scan and Sophos in tandem.    ESET would scan a file and Sophos active scan would catch it.  I then checked the quarantine in Sophos to find where the offending file was.   Turns out the problem was called Node.exe and it hid itself in the following directories:

C:\program files (x86)\Commonfiles\DealAlly
C:\program files (x86)\Commonfiles\Diagnostics
C:\program files (x86)\Commonfiles\HoistSearch
C:\program files (x86)\Commonfiles\CacheUtility
C:\program files (x86)\Commonfiles\Display Settings

There was a directory called “Node” in each of these but the only one that was active was was in the “Display Settings” directory.  I couldn’t close down the Node.exe executable in task manager which means I couldn’t delete it.  So I booted up in Safe Mode and deleted the offending directories.   All is well and I gave my end user a stern talking to.


ASUS MX279H Monitor menu not showing up

Problem:  I plug my computer into the HDMI port of the MX279H monitor and turn it on.  I get an error saying no signal but it’s defaulting to VGA so I try to access the menu but when putting my finger on the touch sensitive button, nothing comes up.   Basically, I can’t change the input of the monitor and it seems that only VGA will work.  I tried everything I could think of but the only button that would work is the power button.  I didn’t have a HDMI to VGA adapter on my so that wasn’t an option and why would I want to do just VGA with a monitor this nice?

Solution:  I plugged the monitor into a computer with a VGA output and once I got the display of my desktop I tried to access the menu again.  Lo and behold it worked!  Apparently, the monitor needs to be receiving signal in order for the menu buttons to work.   Seems to me like a design flaw and should have, at least, had an auto find for the input. 


Surface Pro 4 brightness is locked: Can’t change the settings


A fairly new Surface Pro 4, all of a sudden, locked the brightness settings and no matter what I tried either with software or the shortcut keys on the keyboard (Fn – Del and Fn – Backspace) wouldn’t work.  Was wondering that the auto brightness settings might be keeping me from adjusting the brightness but I still couldn’t after turning it off.


Looks like this issue, for me, was a driver problem.   I followed the instructions in the link below and I was able to adjust the brightness to my hearts content.



Outlook 2013 Error: Your organization’s policies are preventing us from completing this action…

Problem :  When clicking on a link in Outlook 2013 I get the following error: 

“Your organization’s policies are preventing us from completing this action for you. For more info, please contact your help desk.”

 I tried Microsoft’s solution here but it didn’t work.

Solution:   This problem did have to do with Chrome being uninstalled so if the MS solution doesn’t work, then I would recommend reinstalling Chrome and the error goes away.  If you don’t want chrome anymore, then I would suggest to make IE or Firefox as your default and then uninstall chrome.


iTunes: This device is not eligible for the requested build

Problem:  Was trying to update my iPad to the latest IOS version using iTunes (had to do this in recover/restore mode because it got locked out).   After the download if the IOS, it started unpacking and then gave me the following error:

“This device isn’t eligible for the request build”

I went to Apple’s site and found the following article.  I tried checking the hosts file, TCP/IP filter and restoring from another computer and all had failed.   I also was told to check and make sure iTunes was the latest version without any luck.

Solution:  All the articled said for me to check the iTunes version but none told me to check the OS version.   I used my Macbook Air that had El Capitan installed and I was able to restore/update my ipad.  So if you still use your Mac to manage/update your iPad, make sure you have the latest version to ensure a successful update.