IOS 5 Thoughts and issues…

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My thoughts and findings while installing and learning the new Apple iPhone/iPad IOS.

Size of download:  774.4 MB – Has taken about 45 minutes to download.  So not too much but make sure that you have your   iTunes updated to the latest version.  It won’t really matter I guess because it will force you to before you can update your iPhone.

First try on my iPhone was unsuccessful.  I got an unable to restore iPhone because of an internal error… Looks like it’s in a loop.  Backing up my iPhone once again..

During the 2nd backup I got an error saying.. “An error occurred while backing up this iPhone (-402653138).  would you like to continue to update this iPhone?”  Of course this will wipe everything off of my phone which I don’t want… I canceled…  I wonder if this has to do with the fact that I have synched this with more than one computer…

Found a tech doc on Apples site and it said for me to make sure that iTunes was up to date.. Check Make sure that my OS was up to date (not check)..  A big update came out today for the Mac OS.(security).  I updated and that didn’t fix the issue.  I might have to break out my laptop and see if it will work on that…

The issue right now is that why am I getting this error before the IOS updates on my phone.   I would think that it would try to restore after the IOS updates but no.  Thoughts, anyone?  I went as far as resetting my iPhone to factory defaults and the problem still persists… I’m thinking the IOS download is corrupted…

I tried another computer and still got errors but I noticed that the error was happening when iTunes was trying verify the restore.   It finally worked after numerous tries which tells me that the iTunes servers couldn’t process the information.   So keep trying.  It will eventually work.

Other thoughts:

Notifications work really well and so does recovering from iCloud.  Siri, is pretty sweet except for some issues I had with it not being able to connect to the network.  I addressed that issue in this post.

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