Phantom unread emails showing in iPhone 6

Problem:  It all started with about 5 unread emails for the account but there weren’t any unread emails.  I checked and double checked but couldn’t find any.  After a few days, the amount of unread emails increased to 10 and as of this writing got as high as 14.  This was an Exchange account so I checked OWA and Outlook and didn’t find any unread as well so I knew it wasn’t on the server side.

Solution:  There are two things you can do to get rid of these phantom emails.  1.  Go into the offending account and disable the mail.  What this will do is delete the emails off of your phone (this may take awhile depending on how many emails you had).  Then you re-enable the mail.  If this doesn’t work, go to tow.  2.  Delete the entire account and re-create a new one.


*Note:  Both solutions worked for me but the phantom unread emails did return after I deleted the entire account.


You need permission to perform this action error when deleting a folder

Problem: I had a drive that was comprised by a trojan/ransomware and lost a few gigs of files because we couldn’t pay the ransom.  It was decided to delete the folders and when I did I got the following error:  “You need permission to perform this action.” It wouldn’t let me delete.  I checked folder permissions and I had full rights so wasn’t sure what the issue was.

Solution:  Turns out that I was deleting most of the files just not the ones associated with the ransomware like the “Decrypt_instructions.html” file.  Sophos, my antivirus, was putting them into quarantine.  I went into Sophos Endpoint and Security Control and went into the quarantine section.  Selected all of the instances and marked them for deletion.  Once I did that the files were all gone.


iPhone 6: Maps navigation voice not working

Problem:  The turn by turn navigation on a client’s iPhone 6 was no longer audible.  She said that it all of a sudden went quiet.  I made sure that the volume was up and went into the Maps settings and the voice navigation was set to “Loud Volume” with no luck.  Thinking that maybe the audio was going through  bluetooth headset, I turned off bluetooth but still no sound in the navigation.

Solution:  I was wondering if the speaker was broken so I plugged in my earphones and could hear the navigation perfectly.  When I unplugged the earphones, the navigation voice was back and audible.  Something in plugging in the earphones must have switched something that was stuck?   Anyone have an idea to why this worked?

*Note:  After I fixed the problem, I noticed that it wasn’t just the navigation but also all the sounds within the iPhone.  Like the typing sounds or notifications.  It was like the speaker was off and the earbuds reinitialized it.


Shortel phone won’t make outside calls

Problem:  Shortel 115 IP telephone could make calls internally to phones in the building but when you would try to place a call to an outside number, you would immediately get an alternating tone. Similar to a busy signal but two distinct tones alternately repeating.

Solution:  Within Shoreware Director, I went into the individual user settings and saw that the Primary Phone Port was set to “Any IP Phone.”  I then set it to the MAC address to the phone in question and saved.  All was good after that.


Windows Update Services Failed: “Update could not be found” error

Problem:  Trying to reinstall WSUS on a 2008 R2 server that crashed in an existing domain and keep getting the error:

Installation failed…  Update could not be found

I figured the problem had to do with Group Policy specifying the old server as the domain wide WSUS and couldn’t get the update from it because it wasn’t there anymore.

Solution:  *note. backup the registry before applying this fix.*  Within regedit, go to HKLM\SoftwarePolicies\MicrosoftWindows\WindowsUpdate and delete the windows update folder and then restart the windows update service and installed WSUS.  After the installation was finished, I did a gpupdate /force command and the deleted registry entry came back.  *make sure you change Group Policy to reflect the new WSUS server.