Unable to Read SMTP Greeting error when sending to Comcast address

Problem:  When my users are trying to send an email to Comcast, aol, q.com, etc.. they would get an error that said:

Unable to deliver message to: <Person@comcast.net> Delivery failed for the following reason:

Unable to read SMTP greeting from mx2.comcast.net[]

This has been a permanent failure. No further delivery attempts will be made.”

I checked RBL’s and we weren’t on any and Comcast didn’t have us on their black list.  This wasn’t happening with all email domains but with enough to get complaints.

Solution:  Found out that my ISP changed the way it handled DNS so revers lookup wasn’t working.  Many institutions won’t accept email if the sender doesn’t have an entry for reverse DNS.  I contacted my ISP and they fixed the problem.


Exchange 2010 email missing after iPhone 6 upgrade

Problem:  Recently upgraded to the new iPhone 6 after having a 5 for a couple of years.  After a week, my iPhone was dropped and I had to get a replacement. When I got the replacement, I restored from iCloud and all seemed well.  Put my password in for gmail and it synced but when I put in my password for my Exchange email, it wouldn’t sync.  The server, username, domain and password all were verified but no mail would download.  I tried deleting the account and reconfiguring but no luck.

Solution:  Last resort… I powered my iPhone 6 off and back on again and that did the trick.  Email began to download from my account.  Not sure why this happened but glad it was a simple fix.  Has this happened to you?


iPhone 6 Glass Repair

iPhone 6 repair

Problem:  I had my iPhone 6 for a little over a week and this weekend it got dropped for the first time… And it the glass shattered, on the first drop.  I have had every model of iPhone except the 5s and have dropped them many times but have never broken the glass.  But I guess I was due.

Solution:  According to Apple’s website, you can get a screen replacement for a iPhone 6 for $109 and $129 for the 6+.  The only problem is that this service isn’t available in my city.. yet… I Made a genius appointment and my Mac store in Colorado Springs isn’t yet equipped to fix iPhone 6 screens.  You need a “special machine” to get it done.   I asked for an ETA on when this machine would be in and they didn’t have a clue.  Could be a week or a month.  So now I have to just wait.  Any one else having to wait?  Any Mac stores in the country that are equipped to fix broken screens? I can’t imagine that I’m the only one waiting.

iPhone screen repair prices website: https://www.apple.com/support/iphone/repair/screen-damage/

NOTE:  The other alternative was to do the iPhone exchange for $299.  I think I’ll wait.

Update:  I couldn’t wait anymore.  My Apple Store still didn’t know when they would have the ability to fix my phone.  So I contacted Apple directly and I will send my iPhone 6 to them.  After taxes, they charge $329 and if only the glass needs to be replaced, the amount will be adjusted  and it will only cost $109.   I would recommend this route if your don’t want to wait.  ETA is a week or so.

Update 10.7.14:  I received my replacement phone from apple.  Not sure if it was new or a refurb but the scuffs are gone and the glass is good so I’m not going to complain.  From when I opened the support ticket with Apple and then received the phone it took less than six days and only about 3 working days to get this resolved.  If you’re waiting for your local store to take care of it, I suggest to go ahead and send your iPhone to apple.   Note:  when I restored from iCloud, I did have an issue syncing with my Exchange account but I was able to figure it out.

Update 10.9.14:   Turns out that Apple charged me $329 for the repair with no explanation as to why.   This is peculiar because my phone worked just fine without any issues.  Camera, home button, volume, power, etc.. were all functional when I sent it.   Anyway, I logged on to Apple and checked my case and there wasn’t an itemized list of what needed to be repaired and why.  I checked the packing materials and there wasn’t an explanation as well.  I got back online with Apple Care chat and they couldn’t give me any details either.  Only thing they could tell me was that it “probably needed more repairs,”  which is unacceptable.   They then told me to call Apple @ 1-800-694-7466 and reference the case number and they should be able to get me the information as to why I was charged the full amount.

Phone Call:  After an hour on the phone with apple support and two escalations, it turns out that my initial case was missing one checked option to specify only the screen be replace.  Once they confirmed the error was on their end, they  refunded the difference of about $200.   Overall, it took forever but support was gracious and great to work with.


iPhone 5c won’t ring, goes straight to voicemail. Even with enough signal

Problem:  I was approached by a customer who asked me why his iPhone 5c wouldn’t ring even though he had, what looked to be, enough signal to receive a call.  On the caller side, the phone would ring once and then go to voicemail.  We tested and yes, it would ring sometimes and other times it would not.

Solution: I have had similar problems with other iPhone’s (5, 4, 4s) and I figured that it was possibly a carrier issue..  But with so many? I experienced issues with  AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile so maybe it was with the iPhone.  Turns out that my end user accidentally turned on his “Do Not Disturb” feature on his 5c.  When turned on, the phone will not ring when it is locked but will ring when it is not which would explain intermittent success on getting calls to ring.  To turn on or off the “Do Not Disturb” feature, go into Settings-Do Not Disturb.  Set “Manual” to on or off (whatever is your desire) and then you have many options if you do turn it on.

  1. Schedule a time frame to not be disturbed, like dinner, church or sleeping.
  2. Configure it that only people in your favorites can bypass the feature.
  3. Enable it that if someone calls you immediately after the first call(within 3 minutes), it will bypass the feature as well.
  4. Finally, there is a feature that will silence calls always or only when the phone is locked,

I can see why this feature would be very useful and I have started to utilize it a bit on my iPhone but man, can it be frustrating if you don’t know this feature is enabled.   I also now know why my girlfriend wouldn’t answer my calls unless I called backed immediately. haha


A temporary profile is loaded when logging onto Vista or Windows 7 workstation

Problem: When logging into windows Vista or Windows 7, I get the following error:

Your user profile was not loaded correctly! You have been logged on with a temporary profile.

Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off. Please see the event log for details or contact your administrator.

No matter what you do, this problem will happen with some users but not all.

Solution:  This problem is usually created by deleting a user profile off the workstation incorrectly by deleting the profile folder in the C:\users directory on the workstation.  The correct way is to manage the profiles within windows and delete them there.  This, unfortunately, is not realistic if you need to delete multiple profiles on many machines.  It would be way too time consuming.   This is where Delprof2 comes in.  A basic command line executable that can delete all your inactive profiles on the workstation. There are options to do it remotely, silently and exclude profiles. I cleaned 3 computer labs worth of unneeded profiles and it took just a couple of hours (mainly because there were a ton of profiles per machine) but if I would have had to do that manually, it would have taken days.


Solution to fix the temp profile error can be found here.

Download Delprof2 here