Amazon Video Crashes on Samsung Smart TV

Problem:   So I finally got Amazon Video  to work after I got the geographic restrictions error taken care but shortly after, Amazon Video will no longer load on my Samsung Smart TV.   I open it and it will sit there looking like it’s loading but will eventually time out and crash.   


  1. Powered off the device and back on again without any luck
  2. I tried de-registering the device on through Amazon’s Video Settings within my account.  No luck
  3. Checked to make sure my content filter wasn’t blocking the app like in a previous post.


I reset the Smart Hub by doing the following:

  • Make sure you are out of Smart Hub and then Press the Menu key on the remote control.
  • Select Smart Hub > Reset Smart Hub
  • You will be asked to enter the PIN (default – 0000)
  • Wait until the reset is complete
  • Open Smart Hub and following the setup instructions

Once Smart Hub was reconfigured, I downloaded the Amazon Video app and re-registered it.  Worked perfectly after.

Note:  Looks like this happened after an update.  Coincidence?  I’m thinking not.  Updates are usually the main culprit when things go wrong. 


Windows 7 Post Installation Must Do’s

I know Windows 10 has been out for quite some time now but my end users still prefer Windows 7.  So with that said, I’m still needing to create images for future use.    So when I have a fresh install, there are two issues I must address before I can move forward with the image:  1.  The local administrator account needs to be reinstated and 2. Windows Update will not function and gets stuck on “checking for updates.”

Issue:  #1.  After the install the local administrator is disabled.  I know that Microsoft disabled it by default for security reasons but I’m a creature of habit and would like to keep Administrator around.

Solution to  #1:  Open a command prompt as administrator and type the following command:  “net user administrator active:yes”  and press enter.  This will now bring back the administrator user and then you can re-enable it through users and give it a password

Issue # 2:   Windows Update gets stuck on “checking for updates” until it times out or I get tired of waiting and reboot, thinking that will fix it.   I don’t know what has changed but Windows Update will not work anymore until I do the following solution:

Solution to #2:  

  • Install IE 11 first thing – Internet Explorere 11 download
  • After that you need to install the following hot fix:  (KB3020369)

Are there any “must tweaks” or fixes that you like to do after a reinstall for your image.  Please leave a comment and share your ideas.


Dell Laptop Goes to Sleep When Typing on Keyboard

Problem:  A Dell Laptop (Latitude 3550) that I was working on would randomly go into sleep mode when I would try to type on the keyboard.   At first, I thought it was the pressure my hand was putting on the computer and therefore something to do with the main/motherboard.  But the problem with that was no-one else using the computer would have this issue.

Solution:  I was getting ready to contact Dell when I realized it could be my Apple Watch.  This came to me because the screen started to flicker as I began to bring my left hand closer to the keyboard.  Seems to happen with I start to type.  I took off my Apple Watch and I could not re-create the problem.  I put it back on and the spontaneous sleep would then occur.    So has anyone else had this issue and what is it with both the laptop and the watch make this happen?  Seems like I have to be wearing the watch as well.  If I take it off and set it on the computer nothing happens at all.  Thoughts?


Your order couldn’t be processed.. Geographical restrictions with Amazon Video error


When watching amazon prime on either my TV or laptop, it get the following error:

your order couldn’t be processed due to geographical restrictions.  Please refer to the application Terms of use for more details.  On the computer it also refers to an error 4601

I’m in the US and have never lived anywhere else so this has to be a false positive of some sort.  The only thing I can think of is that I did switch ISP’s to Comcast in the past week and a half.  So I checked my IP address with and it checked out as being in the US.   I think Amazon might have included some of Comcast’s IP addresses into a category to block streaming possibly?  I know it isn’t my account because I can stream via my phone through their cellular network.


Chatted with Amazon support and the are escalated it up to an engineer to see if my theory is correct.  Will keep you posted.

Update (11.15.16) – I can now finally watch Amazon videos again.  My only complaint is that they didn’t update me when this problem was resolved.  I had to test it every day and eventually had success.

Update (11.21.16) – Finally got it working but then after an update Amazon Video wouldn’t load.  The solution can be found here.


Exchange 2010: Insufficient rights error when trying to remove a mailbox

Problem:  Tried to remove a user from an Exchange 2010 server using the EMC and got an error that this procedure was denied because I did not have the rights to or to be more specific, insufficient rights.   The account was disabled so I re-enabled it and that didn’t work.

Solution:  Went into Active Directory Users and Computers, found the user, right clicked and selected properties.  I then went to the security tab and clicked advanced.  I clicked on “Enable Inheritance” and clicked OK.  Went back into EMC and was able to remove the user.