Your order couldn’t be processed.. Geographical restrictions with Amazon Video error


When watching amazon prime on either my TV or laptop, it get the following error:

your order couldn’t be processed due to geographical restrictions.  Please refer to the application Terms of use for more details.  On the computer it also refers to an error 4601

I’m in the US and have never lived anywhere else so this has to be a false positive of some sort.  The only thing I can think of is that I did switch ISP’s to Comcast in the past week and a half.  So I checked my IP address with and it checked out as being in the US.   I think Amazon might have included some of Comcast’s IP addresses into a category to block streaming possibly?  I know it isn’t my account because I can stream via my phone through their cellular network.


Chatted with Amazon support and the are escalated it up to an engineer to see if my theory is correct.  Will keep you posted.

Update (11.15.16) – I can now finally watch Amazon videos again.  My only complaint is that they didn’t update me when this problem was resolved.  I had to test it every day and eventually had success.

Update (11.21.16) – Finally got it working but then after an update Amazon Video wouldn’t load.  The solution can be found here.


Exchange 2010: Insufficient rights error when trying to remove a mailbox

Problem:  Tried to remove a user from an Exchange 2010 server using the EMC and got an error that this procedure was denied because I did not have the rights to or to be more specific, insufficient rights.   The account was disabled so I re-enabled it and that didn’t work.

Solution:  Went into Active Directory Users and Computers, found the user, right clicked and selected properties.  I then went to the security tab and clicked advanced.  I clicked on “Enable Inheritance” and clicked OK.  Went back into EMC and was able to remove the user.


Netflix app crashes on Samsung Smart TV

Problem:  When opening the Netflix app on my Samsung smart TV, it crashes. Sometimes I get to the menu, other times it crashes right at the splash screen when loading.  Seems to have happened since the app was updated a few weeks ago.  I contacted Samsung support and this is what we did.

  1. Reset to factory defaults (twice) – Didn’t work
  2. Reset SmartHub – Didn’t work
  3. Tried the switch region fix – Didn’t work
  4. Manually put in Google DNS in network settings – Didn’t work
  5. Did self diagnosis test for sound (have no idea why they had me do that) – Didn’t work
  6. On my own I tried disabling some of the security features like the antivirus and such to see if they were messing with the app.  Didn’t work either

All in all, I spend two hours on chat with them and after it was all said and done, they told me to contact the app maker (netflix) to get the problem fixed.    This does seem to be a Netflix issue because I’m having the same problem on my Amazon Fire Stick as well.  But I’m going to kill this bird first.

9.9.16 – Contacted Netflix support at for support to see if they have any news.  Will post when I hear about it.   There was an update last night for my Fire TV and Netflix seems to be working better now.
–  Got an auto reply from Netflix telling me to go to   (not very helpful)
–  Tried one more thing and set my region to China after resetting the Smart Hub, thinking this might delete Netflix and then I would reset back to United States.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work either
Current version of Netflix is version 5.0543.  What are your versions? Is it the same as mine?

Solution:  None Yet: will contact Netflix and update this post on what they say.  If you have any ideas, pease post in the comments.  It would be greatly appreciated and I see that I’m not the only one having this issue.

Update:  10.12.16  After some more troubleshooting, I found out it had to do with my content filter.  I’m using Sophos UTM content filtering and somehow, what it’s doing to the stream is making the app crash.   I whitelisted netflix and all is well.

Update: 12.4.15  Whitelisting Netflix in Astaro UTM is not as straightforward as one might think.   After working through different forums and experimenting myself, I have found that there isn’t a sure way to whitelist Netflix.  I still needing content filtering setup though so I was at a loss.  What I did end up doing was disable virus scanning for the UTM content filtering and Netflix was able to stream.  This isn’t a good solution for enterprise environments but fine for my home network.


Proxy settings are set to on Windows 7 Machine

The proxy settings in Internet Explorer are set to and when I uncheck it, the settings eventually come back.  The symptoms that made me check the proxy settings were the following:

  Within Chrome I was getting certificate errors on normally trusted website like google and Facebook.
  I was unable to get to any site on the internet using chrome or Internet Explorer at times
  Ran ESET online scan and it would crash
  ESET would freeze after some time and I would have to reset after unchecking the proxy settings

I unchecked the proxy settings and used ESET online scan and Sophos in tandem.    ESET would scan a file and Sophos active scan would catch it.  I then checked the quarantine in Sophos to find where the offending file was.   Turns out the problem was called Node.exe and it hid itself in the following directories:

C:\program files (x86)\Commonfiles\DealAlly
C:\program files (x86)\Commonfiles\Diagnostics
C:\program files (x86)\Commonfiles\HoistSearch
C:\program files (x86)\Commonfiles\CacheUtility
C:\program files (x86)\Commonfiles\Display Settings

There was a directory called “Node” in each of these but the only one that was active was was in the “Display Settings” directory.  I couldn’t close down the Node.exe executable in task manager which means I couldn’t delete it.  So I booted up in Safe Mode and deleted the offending directories.   All is well and I gave my end user a stern talking to; all in good fun of course.


ASUS MX279H Monitor menu not showing up

Problem:  I plug my computer into the HDMI port of the MX279H monitor and turn it on.  I get an error saying no signal but it’s defaulting to VGA so I try to access the menu but when putting my finger on the touch sensitive button, nothing comes up.   Basically, I can’t change the input of the monitor and it seems that only VGA will work.  I tried everything I could think of but the only button that would work is the power button.  I didn’t have a HDMI to VGA adapter on my so that wasn’t an option and why would I want to do just VGA with a monitor this nice?

Solution:  I plugged the monitor into a computer with a VGA output and once I got the display of my desktop I tried to access the menu again.  Lo and behold it worked!  Apparently, the monitor needs to be receiving signal in order for the menu buttons to work.   Seems to me like a design flaw and should have, at least, had an auto find for the input.