Armor CERT Redesign:

Armor CERT Kits Redesign:

Amor CERT Kits:  Specialzing in the gear and training to prepare CERTs for natural disasters.

Mountain Vista Technologies proudly announces the redesign of! Armor Products is a provider of CERT gear and training. CERT is an acronym for Community Emergency Response Team and it consists of volunteers in a community to be a first responder of sorts after a natural disaster such as a hurricane, floods, tornadoes etc… In building this site, I learned that this team of volunteers are are an essential piece to homeland security especially in states affected by hurricanes. It reminds me a lot of the volunteer firefighters you see in rural areas.

When asked to design this site, I was that they wanted to get get better rankings when using the key words “CERT kits” or “CERT Supplies”. They were also open to any new ideas that I might have. Navigation was also a inconsistent and there was a possibility that customers might get led away from their site or get lost and just move on to another CERT site.

I decided to move away from the tables used in the previous design and use XHTML for the markup language and CSS for layout. It’s a basic two column layout with tabbed browsing. I’m a big fan of tabbed browsing because it looks nice and it’s an effective way to navigate a page. MaxDesign’s Listutorial is a great resource to use if your needing inspiration for CSS compliant navigation.

In working towards the goal of increasing hits from search engines, I make it a point to go over the Google tips for webmasters. It pretty much sums it all up there. I made sure to use the ALT tags when using graphics and since this site uses a bunch of acronyms, it became habit to use the acronym tag as well. This helps with the key word density and also is a must for web standards. The only thing that I’m missing right now is a site map and that will be added very soon. I’m also working with the to help the get linked with other CERT related to sites to help their search engine performance as well. Results for the search engine are mixed right now. We are getting better rankings with Yahoo and MSN but still having trouble getting a good ranking with Google. I expect we will get better results as the months progress.

Overall, seems pretty happy with the overall design and functionality. It is robust enough to make any type of change fairly quickly.  For more information on the CERTs, visit the ArmorCertKits page or FEMA.


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