Front Range Climbing Company Redesign:

Front Range Climbing’s Redesign:

Front Range Climbing Redesign

Mountain Vista Technologies proudly announces the redesign for Front Range Climbing Company, a Colorado based rock climbing service. Having outgrown their previous web, FRCC needed a design that could grow along with the company.

Focusing on adhering to web standards, this design utilizes XHTML and CSS to update, edit and reorganize the existing content. New features to the site included a dynamic slide show using JavaScript, a photo gallery using only CSS and a new “contact us” form using PHP. Another feature added and was a primary need was a calendar for FRCC staff to coordinate schedules. Instead of purchasing a package or programming our own, we decided upon an open source solution called Web Calendar. A great program that met all of our needs and most importantly, it complies with web standards and is customizable.

Overall, the new design gave FRCC functionality, content and compatibility with the room to expand in the future.

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