MVT Moves to WordPress

MVT Moves to WordPress:

The look the MVT website has changed a bit but the real changes are in how it is now presented. By incorporating WordPress and some plugins, MVT’s new web will be easier to manage and able to handle growth.


I stuck with my 2 column layout from the previous web and also kept my horizontal navigation bar by creating a navbar.php to include in the theme. I tapped in what the codex had to offer many times just especially how to present blog entries and read about using the “More” tag within the edit features. I also added the sidebar navigation to be present instead of the default view for viewing blog entries. The new “Page” feature was used for my service description pages (web design, systems support). However, this new feature did not address my need for the static main page but I did find “Creating a Static Front Page” which was exactly I wanted.

Plugins Used or Tried:

Random Header Plugin: I didn’t want my header image to be static and this plugin was what I needed. It’s easy to use and probably my favorite addition to the web.
Static Front Page Plugin: I ended up not using this because I found a better solution in the Codex. However, this might useful for people who don’t want to go through the extra work that the static page tutorial entails.


I have read the pros and cons of having adds on your web. Some might think it’s inappropriate and others smother their sites to the point where you don’t know where the add ends and the content begins. My take is that we start business’s and do what we do to make a living and if my business could make a few extra bucks with some Google adds, there wouldn’t be any harm to it. My goal is to keep them at a minimum and not to take away from the content and as the web grows, the adds will be even less noticeable

Final Thoughts

WordPress is an incredibly robust and customizable program and the amount of options you have are almost overwhelming. With the amount of information and support provided by the WordPress community through the codex and theme viewers, anyone can customize their WordPress blog to their liking.


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