Gravity Play Entertainment/Adventure Redesign:

Gravity Play Re-Design:

Gravity Play re-design

Mountain Vista Technologies proudly presents a new design for Gravity Play adventures. Gravity Play (GP) entertainment is a diverse entertainment company which provides outdoor adventures, catered events and interactive/extreme rides for their clients.

GP was concerned that potential customers were not being directed to the correct pages thus the possibility of losing potential customers loomed. Therefore we added two distinct pictures on the page to make it obvious what site offered what. Climbers for the adventure site and pics of inflatable games/rides for the entertainment site.

GP’s second concern was that the adventure site was hard to navigate and was outdated with services they no longer offered. We decided on a two column layout using XHTML and CSS with a navigation bar up top. The side column would be used for addition navigation, contact information, notices of specials or “now featuring” information. At the time of this writing, the pages validated as XHTML transitional.

On the whole, the new is a simple and clean design that is easy to navigate and robust to ensure that can grow and change along with the business. *note: GP opted not to re-design the entertaiment site at this time. 

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