Armor Bags Redesign:

Armor Bags Redesign:

Armor Bags re-design

MVT announces the website redesign of! Armor Products LLC, is a maker of high quality/durable scuba/dive, gear and mesh bags and dry bags. The 2nd design to, the goal was to improve the navigation and overall look/feel of the site without negatively impacting search engine rankings.

Using a two column layout using CSS and XHTML was employed. And yes tables were used on some pages, in order to display the merchandise properly. I know some purists might have a problem with that but after much experimenting; it was the best solution for what they needed.

Armor’s original navigation consisted of links on the main page that led to all the other content. The only problem is that the navigation didn’t follow you where you went so you would have to find your way back to the home page, in order to look at other content. A combination of vertical and horizontal menu systems were employed to accommodate all of the links. Now all of the content is available, no matter what page a customer is browsing which was lacking in the previous design.

In the end, Armor Bags was pleased with the new design and functionality of the web. As requested, the search engine performance was not affect and can only be improved upon.

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