Microsoft Shadow Copy

I know that shadow copy has been around for a few years but an experience I had the other day makes me want to restate the importance of this useful tool.
I was just working with a small school in Colorado that has a Windows 2000 Active Directory network and was called out to help recover some files that were accidentally deleted.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have a good backup and since it was Windows 2000, no shadow copy.  The tech for this district was devastated when he found out that the data was gone for good and he was in for a long couple of day of recreating home directories and explaining about the data loss.  Ironically, they are slated to upgrade to 2003 in the next few weeks but that won’t help them for this situation.  The moral of the story; if you have 2003, utilize shadow copy.  It will save you time and you will look like a hero when you are able to recover files quickly.  If you are still on a 2000 network, upgrade to 2003. 

Below are some links on how to install and manage shadow copy and the shadow copy download.  I could have written a huge tutorial on how to do it but might as well give it to you straight from the horses mouth.  Shadow Copy Client Download.  How to activate and utilize shadow copy.

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