Docks Locks Web Redesign

Docks Locks Redesign

Armor Bags re-design

Mountain Vista Technologies announces the re-design of With their previous site being a strictly informational web, Docks Locks wanted the ability so sell their surfboard security systems online to anyone who wanted to buy. Zen-Cart was chosen for the shopping cart system. For an open source solution, Zen is a nice system that is very robust and pretty easy to customize. The only shortcoming of Zen-Cart was that there is no way a customer can make a purchase without having to register. Ultimate locater was used for the dealer locator portion of the site. This particular program was easy to customize and we were able to provide a link to yahoo maps, which was requested by DocksLocks.

Docks Locks was pleased with the overall design and the ease of use of Zen-Cart. Sales are now coming in and they also opted for MVT to maintain and promote the new website.

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