Windows Media and IE7

OK, I have a problem.  tried a ton of things but now I’m posting this to see if anyone might have a suggestion/answer.  Here is the issue:

 If I go to a website that has audio in MP3 form that I want to listen to, it used to be that I could click on the link and Windows Media Player would pop up and stream it for me.  That doesn’t happen for me anymore.  What happens is that Quicktime takes over and waits until the whole MP3 is downloaded before it plays.  I’ve done the obvious things like making sure WM is the default player for MP3’s and made sure that in the quicktime preferences that MP3’s were unchecked to play.  I have even tried disabling the Quicktime plugin in IE7 and all that did was force me to download the MP3.  Any suggestions? Seems like it should be simple but the solution escapes me at this time.

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