Safari on Windows

It’s here!  Safari is now available for windows XP and Vista.  Being a person that hasn’t had too much experience with it, I’m pretty impressed at first glance.   I was telling a friend that if it only had tabbed browsing (the proof I didn’t know much about Safari).  Low and behold, I clicked on “View” selected “show tab bar” and I’m golden.  Everthing seems to be intuitive and I’m getting around pretty well.  I really like the management of of the bookmarks.  If there is any “cool features” you want me to know about, let me know.  Would love to know more about this browser.

All-in-all, great move by Apple. This will really put the fire under Microsoft to take Web Standards more seriously and it might be the catalyst to a complete Internet Explorer, but I won’t hold my breath.

You can download safari here:

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