Getting a “Page cannot be displayed” with OWA after changing IP address on Exchange server

Getting a “Page cannot be displayed” with OWA after changing IP address on Exchange server:

Today, we moved an exchange server to a differnt subnet.  Changed it’s IP address and all seemed well.  Mail was passing and people were able to access mail through Outlook but not OWA.   Googled a ton but couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Even tried to reset virtual directories of owa but that didn’t work as well.  Per one persons suggestion, I even reinstalled the CERT to no avail.


I went into IIS manager and clicked on the properties of the “Default Web Site.”  I then clicked on the “advanced” tab next to the IP address assignment area and what do you know, the SSL identity was still set to the old IP address.  I changed it and all was well with the world.  Pretty obvious now that I look back on it but sometimes those are your biggest headaches.  Hope this saves someone some time. 

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  1. You just made my day….MY WEEK!!! I googled for hours and hours and could not find the solution to why OWA stopped working externally. Rebuilt the virtual directories at least 5 times, bounced firewalls, bounced servers, and bounced my head a few times off of a wall.

    Now it works…thanks to the solution you posted here. THANK YOU!

  2. didn’t work for me. Using exchange2003 OWA was working fine. Changed the IP address of the server and OWA doesn’t work. Outlook works fine. I did the steps mentioned above and OWA still doesn’t work

  3. I too have the exact issue though with windows server 2008. When i right mouse click on default website there is no advanced tab or ip assignment area. would anyone know where to go for this version of server

  4. Bless you 1,000,000 times over! I’ve been at my wit’s end looking for this solution. You just saved my weekend. Now I can sleep. 🙂

  5. When I go to the IIS manager and select “Default Web Page” I don’t have an option to select properties. Advise?

  6. Did you right mouse click on the Default web page? There is where you will find the properties option…

  7. I still have a similar issue. We changed ISP’s and ever since then our OWA won’t work externally. I have not yet found a solution online. Port 443 is forwarded to our exchange server. Port 25 to our barracuda, port 80 to our FTP. This is the configuration we had on our old ISP, and it worked just fine.

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