Armor CERT Kits Shopping Cart

Armor CERT Kits Shopping Cart

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Armor CERT Kits wanted to be able to sell their CERT kits and supplies using a shopping cart so the contacted MVT for a solution. We needed to be able to add and maintain products quickly. The also wanted a shopping cart that would allow anonymous checkouts without the necessity of creating an account and credit cart support for viaKlix. I have used Zen-Cart in the past for another design but Zen didn’t support anonymous checkouts or viaklix. We finally settled on X-Cart because it was easy to modify/brand the web site with the Armor CERT look and feel.

We successfully re-designed the site using X-Cart without losing on the search engine rankings that we have been working on. In fact, we were able tobuild upon it. We did have one bug and that was that the UPS module in X-Cart would give us trouble if there was an order of over 150 lbs. X-Cart was able to modify our cart to remedy this. Overall, the shopping cart as been running smoothly with very little interuptions.

2 thoughts on “Armor CERT Kits Shopping Cart

  1. I am interested in the 150lb UPS bug fix. Our shipping has already been modified, but this bug was just discovered. It’s possible that your fix would fit our setup. If it handles over 150lb. (and over 70 for FedEx) by splitting items into groups under the max weight and adding groups for a total rate as a background calculation, let me know what you would charge to provide the code.

  2. I would recommend request having X-CART support provide you with a solution. Depending on the version of x-cart you are using, the solution might be different. I tried using someone else’s code at first and it created more problems that were worse than the 150lb limitation. The solution X-Cart gave me was a bit pricey (about 200 bucks). They let me test it for a few days and when I was ready to go live they did all them implementation for me. So I don’t even know what files they modified with what code. That is probably by design to keep the fix secret.

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