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HeculesCastro.com Web Design

HerculesCastro.com design

Mountain Vista Technologies announces the design or HerculesCastro.com. Hercules is a progressive guitarist based in the Colorado Springs area. Hercules, who happens to be a close friend is also a very talented guitarist, formerly of Psycho Drama and Section 16, recently released his solo CD “Singularity.”  He approached me on helping him with the photography and artwork for the album, along with the design of his website.

Content Mangement System:

Since musicians web sites tend to upload information constantly, we decided on using a content manament system instead of straight up XHTML or a blog.   The CMS that I decided on was etomite, an open source CMS that was easy to install and Use.   I customized the look using etmomites’ very user friendly template system and the ability to have a dynamic menu system that I could customize using CSS was great.  The learning curve for etomite was pretty quick.  If you have some experience with XHTML, CSS and java you should be able to figure it out eventually.

Graphics and Photos:

Graphics were created by photoshop and photos were taken by a Canon Digital Rebel XTI.   We used them for both the website, CD cover and the CD insert.

If you need customization for your etmomite CMS, contact me a info@mountainvistatech.com and I can help you come up with a nice design for a decent price.   You can see

some of my other etomized sites at http://www.ppboces.org, http://www.miamiyoder.org and http://www.cscharter.org.  I created these at my other job at the Pikes Peak BOCES.

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