Monitor and assess folder size


My backups were getting pretty big and I needed to make sure that what I was backing up was really necesarry.   I’m using BackupExec 9.1 and the logs let me know a bit on the size of what I’m backing up but what I really needed to know is what folders sizes were.  Within Windows, you can check the properties of that folder to see the size but trying to do that on hundres of folders is really time consuming.  I needed a way to see folder sizes at glance and be able to browse and compare folders. 


 I found a program called FolderSizes that helped me a great deal.  I was able to specify a drive or UNC name path and FolderSizes analyzes it and then gives you a report on what it finds.  THe nice thing is that you can browse thorugh the folders and it will update the information as you browse.  With this program, I was able to identify about  5 gigs worth of data that didn’t need backed up any more and a few gigs that didn’t even need to be on the server anymore.  It will run on your workstation so you can find some bloat on your local drives as well.  There are a lot of programs out there that will do the same thing and I think a program like FolderSize is a must tool for system adminsitrators.


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