Upgraded to Vista Service Pack 1

Vista SP1 has been out for a couple of weeks now so I thought it was time to upgrade to see how it goes.  There are two ways to update your Vista and that is either through Windows Update or downloading the entire package, which is about 435 megabytes.  I decided to do the whole package because I will be updating many computers once we decide to.  If you do it through Windows Updates, you may have to wait because MS is staging the roll out in phases.  I think it’s partly because of the hardware because there are some device drivers that are missing for some computers.   Anyway, I updated my laptop (Gateway M-685E) today and all seems to be well.


Downloaded the executable and double clicked to install.  Took a bit to start because the OS had to verify but it eventually started and the first thing was that it gives you a warning that the whole installation will take about an hour or more.  It also gives you an option to automatically reboot during the process.  I recommend doing this because you will probably walk away for a while and forget to check and reboot manually.  Walked away for about 45 minutes and came back and it was ready to reboot.  Thought I was done but I was just getting started.  The installation then started a 3 stage process that took another 30 minutes or so and at least two reboots happened during this time before it was all done.  Final reboot and then I logged in and got an “installation successful” message. 

First Impression:

Well, the installation of Vista SP1 was just as it should be, uneventful.  This isn’t an upgrade where new features are installed like browsers or Windows Media player and thankfully it isn’t like the XP SP2 fiasco.  The only thing I noticed is that the “Search” option is gone in the start menu but knew that was going to happen.  You can still find it in explorer so not too big of a deal.  All programs seem to be working fine and no apparent hardware problems.  One improvement that I’ve been hearing about with this upgrade is that copying files to a network drive will be faster.  I haven’t tried this yet and will report back when I do.  If this is true, it will make me very happy because that is one of my biggest complaints about Vista.

Final Thoughts:

Use Windows Update to upgrade, it will be much faster easier if you do.  If you absolutely can’t wait, download the executable and wait about an hour or longer until you can use your computer again.  Also check with your hardware and spyware/antivirus manufacturers to see if there is any updates that you might need for SP1.  I have heard those are the problems that most encounter but I have also heard most are fixed.  I’m using Sophos Antivirus and it’s functioning perfectly after the upgrade.

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