Changes I’ve Noticed with Vista SP1

The other day, I upgraded to Vista SP1 and really haven’t noticed any significant changes but here are some things that I have discovered in the past 24 hours since the upgrade.

  1. Copying files to a network drive is faster.  First thing I noticed is that I didn’t get the “calculating time to copy files” message, which seemed to take forever.  Copying about 30 files that totaled approximately 500 MB, only took about 2 minutes compared to the 15 or so minutes it took before.
  2. I now have a way to get ride of the “The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified” message when using remote desktop connection.  In pre-SP1, there wasn’t  real easy way to get rid of this message permanently and it was just annoying.  Anyway, now there is an option you can check to tell remote desktop to not “ this warning again for connections to this computer. ”
  3. Performance for creating thumbnails and viewing pictures on my hard drive is much better.  There were times where it was a bit slow before SP1 but after I installed it. I even deleted my thumbnails cache and had Vista re-create them and performance was still better than pre-SP1.
  4. Customer Experience Program request comes up again for me to say no to.  Just annoying, I guess.
  5. I hear there is better performance in battery lifetime but I couldn’t make out any real increase in battery life.  I’m sure if I did some intricate testing, I might find an increase of a few minutes but nothing worth noting in my book.
  6. Windows Live Messenger did update after the upgrade but no real noticeable changes that I could make out.


There are quite a few more improvements and changes according to Microsoft, but some don’t apply to me  or I haven’t noticed them yet.  I’m just glad I am able to get rid of that Remote Desktop warning.

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