iPhone; Two weeks later

In a previous post, I mentioned that since the iPhone will support Microsoft push/pull come June, we would give the iPhone a shot.  Two weeks have now passed and the iPhone is as advertised.  It is the best cell phone I have ever owned.  But there are still some issues that I hope Apple will address in the 2.0 upgrade in order for it to really function in the enterprise.

  • Battery Life: I can usually get a by a full work day with a full charge and that is only maybe an hour or so talk time.  If I use the phones features like the browser and am constantly check email, the life is much shorter. I have heard similar issues from other uses and this needs to be better.  I have found some ideas that will give you more battery life.  What has worked for me is to turn off WiFi when not needing it, have the iPhone only check mail every hour instead of 15 minutes and turning the click off keyboard.  There are more features you can turn off but my issue with this is that when you turn off feature after feature on the phone, you take away some of the experience that is the iPhone and it becomes a little more like an ordinary phone.  Somebody that is truly out of the office constantly needs something that won’t need a charge in the middle of the day.  I’m also not happy with the idea that I can’t change a battery for my users.  This is unacceptable and one more consideration against using the iPhone in the enterprise.
  • IMAP is undependable: I know that when push/pull is supported, this won’t be an issue but I’m fearful it will function as badly as IMAP.  I think I have been able to connect to my email successfully about two times these past two weeks.  I either get a “checking email” message that never goes away or I get the “downloading emails” message but I never see them.  Once again this is pretty common and I’ve seen plenty of people have the same trouble but then I will see one iPhone that works flawlessly.  I sure hope that push/pull will work better than IMAP has.  Because if it does function like this, the iPhone will not have a place in the enterprise.  I’m sure that this is why it won’t be until June when we see the upgrade.  I wouldn’t doubt if it will be later.

With all that said, only two things seem to be a pretty good, but they are some major issues that I’m sure(hope) will be addressed.  At least I hope they are because I do love this thing.  The user interface is the best I’ve used, the Internet browsing is 2nd to none and it only took a week for me to get comfortable with keyboard.  I’m typing just as fast, if not faster, as I did on my Treo 750.  To top it off, it is an iPod as well.  Can’t wait until June because I do miss push/pull.

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