iPhone Battery Life

In a previous post, I mentioned that I have been unhappy with the battery life of my iPhone. I also mentioned that I tried turning off some features on the iPhone to extend the life of the battery. What I tried was, turned off the keyboard clicking feature, turned off the WiFi unless I need to use it and I set my check mail to manual instead of every 15 minutes. Well, I’m happy to say that I’m at about 1 day and 6 hours since the last full charge and I’m still over 50% on battery capacity. Before then I could only last about 8 to 10 hours so this is a vast improvement.

My thoughts are that the check email every 15 minutes feature is the main culprit. While troubleshooting my IMAP issue with the iPhone, I have noticed that the iPhone disconnects with my server and reconnects, therefore creating another session. I saw that my iPhone had 5 to 10 sessions initiated with my server which might be the reason why battery life was bad when I had the feature on.  Anyway, I can live without the automatic email check and even the the inconvenience of turning on/off of the WIFI as needed.  But I think I’m going to turn the keyboard clicking back on.  I think it’s just cool becuase it has that old school typwriter sound and I just like it. 

4.3.08 – UPDATE:  I have just surpassed 48 hours since my last charge on my iPhone and I’m a little under 50%.  Haven’t talked on it very much in that time but still a vast improvement to the life before I made the changes.

4.4.08 – Update:  I have now surpassed 72 hours since my last charge.  I’m at about 25 to 30 percent, the indicator is about ready to turn red and give me the warnings, I suspect.   I’m pretty sure that the improvement was because I turned the check email feature to manual.  Once again, I have talked only a few minutes on the phone these past couple of days, so that is also some of the reason why I’m getting such good battery life.

4.5.08 – Final Tally:   I made it to 3 days and 8 hours until i reached a point where I felt I needed to recharge.  That was when the battery was at about 10 to 20 percent.  I’m sure it would be signficantly lower if I talked on the phone more but still would probably be able to get it close to 3 days.



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