iPhone and IMAP Issues

In past posts, I have complained about the battery life and IMAP on my iPhone.  I have found a solution that will extend my battery life but not take away some of the cool features that the iPhone delivers.  In that quest for more battery life, I think i have found the solution to my IMAP issue.  Well, it’s not an outright, guaranteed to work solution but it has made IMAP on the iPhone a bit more functional. 

What I did was set the “Auto-Check” option to manual within the email settings.  Since I have done this, I have had much better luck with checking my mail and syncing with my server.   Why the improved performance? I’m not completely sure.  My theory is that when you have to check every 15 minutes or so, you are creating a session and if your phone loses connection briefly, another session is created with the server.  I checked the IMAP sessions on the server and there were, at times,  5 to 10 sessions (created by my phone) that haven’t timed out yet.   Like I said, just a theory but I’m much happier with IMAP on the iPhone than I was a couple of days ago

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