Podcast server software

Problem:  Last week we were given a challenge to publish podcast’s and to do it quickly without any new hardware or purchasing software.  Thanks to Podcastingnews.com, I found something that worked for us.

Solution:  Decided to use LoudBlog which is a  free PHP based software that is similar to blog software.  However, they emphasize that this is not intended for blogging but if all you need to do is get your podcast out to the masses, this is your software.  Installation was as easy as the famous WordPress 5 minute install and all you need is a web server with PHP and MYSQL.  Our particular installation was on an IIS 6 box on Windows 2003.

The administration piece of LoudBlog is easy to use in uploading files and customizing the look of your site.  You have choices to upload your podcast via the web, FTP the files to an upload directory or reference it by a web address.  Once file is uploaded, fill in the description, tags and categories and you are ready to go live.  RSS feeds are automatically created when you add posts and are compatible with iTunes.  LoudBlog has 4 templates to choose which are simple to modify to match the look of your existing web or a design you already have in mind.

All-in-all, LoudBlog has worked extremely well for our situation, which is a intranet podcast.  Can I recommend it for a high traffic podcast site?  I couldn’t tell you since I haven’t tested it in that type of atmosphere but for someone that is just starting a podcast or looking for something different, you should give this a look.   If anyone else is using LoudBlog, please leave a comment on how it performs for you.  I’m interested to hear how it works in higher traffic sites.  We are looking to implement this to publish podcast’s to the public as well.

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