How Much Bandwidth Are You Using?

About two months ago, I ran across a cool little program called BitMeter. It allows you to monitor your internet connection on your workstation in real time.  I first started to use it to see if there were any programs accessing the Internet without my knowledge and I ended up keeping it because it’s kind of a cool too.  The only problem with this program is that it keep a log and now there is proof that I’m on the Internet way too much. Just looked at Aprils stats and I see that I downloaded over 17GB of data that month.  Must be all those video podcasts that I subscribe too.  Anyway, give BitMeter a look and leave a comment to share your stats, if you dare.  I’m sure that my 17gigs is nothing compared to some. 

BTW it works just fine in Vista.  Wish there was a gadget to put in my sidebar.

BitMeter II Bandwidth Meter

One thought on “How Much Bandwidth Are You Using?

  1. I’m going to try this. AT&T recently announced they’re capping DSL. Jerks. I need to see how much a month I actually use so I can adjust. Was all set to dump satellite and go Netflix. You can’t tell me the cable companies aren’t in on this!

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