iPhone 2.0 Software Won’t Update

It will be a week or so until my 3G iPhone comes in but that’s no big deal because I am still able to update my current iPhone to the 2.0 software, or so I thought.   Needless to say, the upgrade is going less than smoothly.  First, I had to update all the apple software like the Apple updater and iTunes.  After a few reboots, I was told that the 2.0 software is ready for me to download.  Not so, because the iTunes store went down and for about 30 minutes or so, iTunes did not see the new 2.0 software.  I was thinking, “OK, no big deal.  Servers are probably overloaded with downloads.”

Eventually, I was able to download the update and upgrade my iPhone.  Well, in theory that was supposed to happen.  The update backed up my iPhone and reset it to factory defaults.   It rebooted and I got the following error:

“We cold not complete your ITunes Store request. A secure network connection could not be established. Make sure SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0 is enabled in the Internet Options control panel, then try again”.”

As I write this, my iPhone is only good for emergency  calls.  It’s not my system because SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 is enabled.  I checked again and I’m being told the iTunes store is unavailable.

I would like to think that Apple would have been more prepared for this but so far, this upgrade has been far from the “it just works” statements I hear from the Apple fans.  But this isn’t unusual  in large launches like this.  We saw this happen with Firefox as well when they were going for the record for most downloads in a 24 hour period and I should also know better but I really wanted to get this installed ASAP! Been waiting months for this and I had to have it now.  Sometimes it hurts to be on the bleeding edge.

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  1. I am having same problem..tried everything, nothing seems to work. The issue with apple servers.

  2. Same problem, but my error states: We could not complete your itunes store request. The network connection has timed out. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again.

    Needless to say, I’ve tried several times.

  3. I have received that error as well. I think we will be trying for quite a while now. I’m hoping I at least get my phone working before the end of the day. knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc……

  4. Aaargh. Same issue. Kicked myself this morning for not being patient and waiting a day or two for the stores to run out of phones and free up the update site. i knew better. I’ll be trying tonight…but for now I’m thinking of going to a methadone clinic or something…

  5. I’ve been having the same problem. I’m trying to restore it back to the regular firmware but it’s looking like that might not be so incredibly easy either…. *sigh*
    If anybody manages to get it going somehow please let us all know.

  6. @Tom
    wow, that’s a lot! I don’t feel alone now. But I feel cutoff with my iPhone laying there on life support. Maybe I should use the emergency number feature to see if I can get some help.

  7. @Chris: I haven’t a clue on how to restore back to that point. iTunes doesn’t even give me an option for that. Just a screen that says iPhone, with a periodic pop up telling me the iTunes store is unavailable.

  8. What I’ve been able to cypher on the “back up” is that you need to go to the iTunes / iPhone site and click either “2.0” or “Restore factory Defaults”…but there in lies the problem…we can’t get to that site.

  9. good point. It’s a vicious circle we are in a right now. Also, what does that backup entail? Is it just our settings or the old 1.1.4 software and settings?

  10. i’m gonna cry – i have to be at the airport in 3 hours and my phone is unusable! what am i gonna do? this is total bullshit – i am so frustrated. no phone for 3 hours now.

  11. Careful going back to the old version as there are reports that you lose all of your contacts.

  12. PEOPLE!
    Make sure in your Internet Settings have SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 Checked
    if it is checked, uncheck it
    close all browsers
    then go back to your settings and recheck it
    go to the itunes and sign out
    then go to the itunes store and sign back in
    then close itunes

    when you re-open it, you SHOULD be good to go

    make sure you have all browsers closed (including any email program) when you start the upgrade

    same thing happened to me, and by doing the above steps, it resets any settings that may be troubling you. After this, my update took about an hour to back-up, restore, and activate

  13. tried all that stuff. No luck. It’s not the workstation, it’s the servers. They are getting taxed right now. I’m thinking you just got lucky.
    With that said, maybe this means things are starting to slow down and we might have some luck soon. We’ll see.

  14. I finally got mine 2.5G to activate through iTunes. After about 3 hours and a huge headache, I finally have a 2.0ed phone. It seems you just have to play a bit of Cupertino Roulette to get a spot on Apple’s servers.

  15. I just tried and failed. I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time now. Hopefully within the hour.

  16. Yeah, I think it’s close. I got in and it’s currently trying to restore. Seems like it may take a while, but hopefully the end somewhat justifies the means.

  17. I’m done! Finally got updated. Thanks for the input Tom.
    Now it’s time to see how this works with my Exchange server.

  18. dude it wont update it just keeps saying that 1.1.4 is the current software!!!!! help!!!

  19. @ray:
    I got that error the first hour I tried to update as well. My theory is that Apple might have made the update/download unavailable for a while to let everything catch up. I’m pretty sure they will re-publish it soon. I had to keep trying and it finally came back.

  20. Make sure you backup your CONTACT LIST before doing anything to your phone. Go to Start, —> accessorry—> address book…. leave it open. Then open ITUNES. Click on iphone, CONTACTS and sync it with windows address book. Your contacts should show up in the address book.

  21. samethi g is happening to me… I have a 3g iphone everything worked fine befor I left the AT&T store but I desided to up date to 2.0.2 cuz the phone was running 2.0.0
    The firmware was downloaded through iTunes that went fine… Then it started to update…the first part went by with no problem but when iTunes ejected the phone to restart it then tells me the error everyone is getting
    My settings are all currect
    SSL 3.0 and TSL 1.0 are both enabled
    I have tried to restore over 3 times but I keep gettig the same error
    I have found a kinda temp fix… Sync it to a diffrent computer…
    I did on my friends mac and it works fine now
    I know it is not the phone it is the computer or the iTunes software
    I’m now haveing the same problem with my other iphone it sux and I want to fix it…
    Iv been looking al over and can’t fix d any fixes…

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