iPhone 2.0: Success At Last

After four hours of messing with my temporarily bricked iPhone, the 2.0 software was finally activated.  After all this wait, it was a bit of a let down to turn on my iPhone and really not much has changed.  You now have  the App Store icon and the new scientific calculator but that’s about it.  But I didn’t upgrade or get the iPhone for those, I wanted Direct Push/Pull for our systems Exchange server and it was a long time coming.  Configuring it was very easy and I was ready to go within minutes.  The only problem that I had was when I added the username (DOMAIN\username) and password, I was told it was incorrect.  I didn’t bother troubleshooting it too much because went ahead and used the username along with active directory domain name (user@domain.com or user@domain.comanay.local).  After that, all was well. My contacts and calendar synced without fail.  It’s sure nice to have that functionality back again.

More thoughts to come as I play with this.  Already found some apps that I just might have to purchase.  My question is, how will those apps transfer to my 3G iPhone I’m getting next week?

Quick Add: Just installed the Pandora radio app.  A must have for music lovers.

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