iPhone 2.0 Mass Delete/Move of Emails

One of the features that was supposedly going to be in the new 2.0 software was mass deletion of emails and contacts within the iPhone interface.  I’m sorry to say that only one of these two features showed up in the update.  Went through Apple’s revised manuals for the iPhone and it has nothing on mass deletion of contacts within the iPhone but we do have success with the emails.

To delete/move multiple emails:

You can delete/move multiple emails by clicking the “Edit” button in the upper right hand corner (you must be in your mailbox for this).   Select your emails and then either choose the “delete” option or “move” option at the bottom.

At least this has been address and I’ve used it quite a bit so far.  Hopefully we’ll see the same for contacts and maybe, just maybe, copy and paste will find it’s way on the iPhone.

2 thoughts on “iPhone 2.0 Mass Delete/Move of Emails

  1. It is hard to believe that a company such as Apple, who spends so much time delivering great products, screws up on something as basic as e-mail. However, they have managed to do it. By not providing a method to delete multiple e-mails, Apple has introduced the most inferior e-mail client to date. Apple, please correct this most grevious oversight (To be honest, it is hard to beleive this is an oversight. If deliberate, it makes me wonder why it was left out).

  2. I wonder too. Hopefully this and copy/paste will be on their short list of issues to address.

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