iPhone 3G

With little fanfare, my 3G iPhone arrived yesterday after being on back order for the last two weeks.  Not saying I wasn’t glad to get it but after reading many reviews, it didn’t seem like it was going to be much of an upgrade from my current 1st Gen iPhone.   

First Impression:

I like the new plastic backing, it feels good in the hand and I’m not afraid that it’s going to slip out of my hand like the 1st Gen.  With a lack of a dock, cheaper looking power supply and a lower quality cleaning cloth, it was evident Apple skimped on the accessories, which was a bit disappointing.  Transfer from the old iPhone to the new one was a snap.  I put my existing SIM card in, connected the phone to iTunes and restored from backup.  Within fifteen minutes I was good to go, which was a much better than my upgrade to 2.0 experience.

Other Observations:

  1. GPS: Love it, and  it’s obviously more accurate than the previous method of triangulation.  I’m excited for the programs to come that will utilize the GPS and hopefully Apple and AT&T will let a turn-by-tun app come our way.  The speakers seemed to be a better quality as well.
  2. Speakers: I played my Pandora app and streamed a few tunes and there was a vast improvement in clarity and volume.   
  3. 3G:  If you can get it, I hear it’s faster but in Colorado Springs, the 3G network is spotty at best and I find myself hoping that I don’t connect on the 3G network because the signal is always weak.  I’ve only had a handful of dropped calls in the city and two of them was because I was connected on 3G. 
  4. Battery life:  I have heard nightmare stories of the battery lasting only a few hours but I have yet to experience this.  It is a bit less than my other iPhone but we must remember that the batter needs to be broken in a bit. Also, with all these apps, GPS, email, etc…, you are going to have a short life. It will also help to practice responsible iPhone habits to help battery life.  I still think that if Apple really wants enterprise environments to use the iPhone, they will need to give us a method of changing the battery ourselves.

Final Thoughts:

Is this upgrade worth it for an existing iPhone user?  I don’t think so.  There isn’t enough “new stuff” to warrant the upgrade.  Obviously, many have disagreed because a lot of the 3G users out there now were 1st Gen.  I think some of that is because there are some are selling their 1st Gen iPhone for pretty decent money and using the proceeds to get the 3G.   This is still the best phone I have ever used and with the Exchange push/pull support, I’m even more impressed with it; another good step in the evolution of this device.  Hopefully, copy/paste and the ability of deleting multiple contacts will be in future upgrades.

9.16.08:  I just realized that the iPhone 3G does not work with my BOSE SoudDock system.  I get a “Charging is not supported with this device” error.  If I try to play music, it comes out of the iPhone’s speakers.   This doesn’t matter too much too me because I have a couple of iPods I can use instead.  I wonder if this is the same issue with the new iTouch’s.

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