New Jawbone and iPhone 3g issues

So I’ve had my iPhone 3G for a week and a couple of days ago a got the new Jawbone for it.  Besides the obvious issue of my battery life reducing a bit, my main issue with the iPhone and the Jawbone is the pairing and keeping them paired.

Problem:  I unboxed my Jawbone, paired the two immediately and all was well, until I separated the two devices.  I didn’t need the Jawbone so I left it in my car and turned off the Bluetooth on the iPhone to conserve battery.  When I tried to bring the two back together, they would not reconnect.  I turned the jawbone off and on, over and over again with no luck.  Did the same with the Bluetooth function as well.  The only way that I could get them to connect was to delete the pairing on the iPhone and to re-pair them by holding the Noise Assassin button and the talk button at the same time.  Of course this isn’t not acceptable.

Solution:  None yet but I have emailed Jawbone and am waiting for a response and will keep you posted.  But I’m thinking that I might get an answer quicker by asking all of you for help.  So if you have an idea on what is wrong or have something for me to try, please leave a comment.

Update: (8.18.08) – I just updated my iPhone to version 2.0.2 and now my Jawbone is working properly.  I never heard from support which makes me hope that will never need help from them again.

2 thoughts on “New Jawbone and iPhone 3g issues

  1. You have to completely power off your iphone 3g and then power it back on to get the two to auto-detect each other. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I don’t think I tried that. Thankfully installing the 2.0.2 software fixed my issue. Good thing to because I don’t think I should have to power down the iPhone and turn it back on to pair up. Thanks!

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