iPhone 2.0.2 is Here and It Fixed my Problem!

Just got notice from iTunes that there is a new update for the iPhone, version 2.0.2.  Once again, we are told that it fixes misc bugs that 2.0.1 didn’t address or created.  Anyway, after updating my 3G iPhone, I can tell you one bug that it fixed.  In an earlier post, I wrote about how my Jawbone would not re-pair with my iPhone unless I totally deleted the pairing and started from scratch.  Needless to say it left my rather expensive accessory useless.  Until now.

After my install of 2.0.2, the first thing that that I tried was to use my Jawbone.   This time I had success!  Thanks to the update, I can now use it without worry.  Obviously the 2.0.2 update contained a bug fix with bluetooth.  What other fixes have you noticed with this upgrade?

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