iPhone 2.1 Update; Not Happy With it, So Far

I thought the iPhone 2.1 update was supposed to be out on Tuesday.  I checked and checked but it never was made availabel. I got it for my iTouch but no luck for the phone.   I’m wondering if Apple was trying to roll out the update to avoid issues like the 2.0 fiasco.  Anyway, the update was made available to me this morning.  I updated and wished that I would have waited.

I’m assuming that the new software gives you the use of the “Genius” playlist maker, some bug fixes and hoping that copy/paste and mass contact deletion would be available.  As I write this the bug that I’m experiencing is that I can’t access my mail. Both Exchange and my IMAP to a different  server will not come up and when I click on the email icon, I get a white screen and the mail program crashes on me.

This is twice now that I have updated my software and it has either rendered my iPhone useless or with limited use.  If Apple really wants to be an “Enterprise” player, these updates will need to go more smoothly.   Road warriors will ditch their iPhone for something more dependable if bugs like this keep on rearing their ugly head.

UPDATE: After about 20 minutes of turning off the iPhone and reconfiguring the email, the email client is working fine now.  It just started to work.  I don’t think it’s anything that I did and maybe just a bit of patience was needed.  Still no copy/paste and the contact deletion issues are still there.  We’ll see about the improved battery life and possible new GPS features.

UPDATE:  Backing up of the iPhone does seem to be faster now.  It took onlyh about 10 to 20 seconds to backup the unit instead of the minute or so that it used to.  Also it looks like the 3G and the Edge (E) indicators on the iPhone are different.

UPDATE:  Love the Genius and it’s potential.  If you have a lot of indie music, it doesn’t work as well.  I kept getting “Genius is unavailable for the song “song name” error when I choose lesser known artists.  I’m hoping as people keep using this option, it will get better.  So far I have some pretty interesting playlists now.

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