Astaro Installation Failed

Problem: When trying to install Astaro Security Gateway software, ver 7.3, on a Gateway 9232T server.   The system boots off the CD just fine and detects all the hardware but seems to time-out during the “verifying checksums” portion of the installation and I then get the error message below:

Installation Failed: Please remove CD-ROM and restart the system

Solution: I initially thought that the problem had something to do with an error I received that said, “PCI: BIOS Bug #81[00000000] found” but I was wrong.  Still don’t know what that message is about.  The real solution, of all things, was to download the ISO image from a different source and re-burn the disc.  After that, I installed without any problems.

(Update 12.5.08):  Walked away from the installation for a few days and tried to login but I forgot what the default port was for the box.  So just remember if you do what I did the default port after an Astaro installation is https://server:4444.   Now I don’t have to do a reinstall to figure that out again.

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