Free CD Burning Software: CDBurnerXP

CDBurnerXP Lately, I’ve been frustrated with the bloated nature of CD burning software like Nero and Roxio.  Both have added so many features that making a simple data CD/DVD or burning an ISO image can be an huge ordeal.  Not to mention the programs running in the background that wast processor and memory resources.  About a month ago, I ran across the program, CDBurnerXP.  It’s everything that you want a CD burning program to be; quick, simple and free. 

When you open the program, all you  get are options to make a data or audio disc, burn an ISO image and copy/erase a disc.  I remember the good old days when Nero was that simplecdburnerxp2 to use and not taxing my system.  I have been using this program with great success on Vista, XP and Server 2003.  I only hope that it doesn’t get needlessly bloated as it’s predecessors.  

If you haven’t all ready tried CDBurnerXP, download and install it!  You will not be sorry.


CDBurnerXP download

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