Free Workstation Imaging/Cloning Software

Problem:  Need to setup multiple workstations that are all configured the same but can’t afford the per machine license costs of software like Ghost or Acronis.

Solution:  Clonezilla, an open source solution that met my imaging needs:

  1. Clone an entire XP setup and save it to the network (haven’t tried vista)
  2. Image the same or like machine from the network share (There is a HD to HD option as well)
  3. Multicasting:  (haven’t tried this yet but according to their website, they cloned 42 workstations in 10 minutes with a 5gig image).
  4. It’s free (GPL)

I downloaded the “Clonezilla Live” ISO image, burned a disc and had a working image in about 30 minutes.  The only problem that I had was figuring out how to save it to my windows server.  I chose NFS, at first, but didn’t have the Unix services running on my server and didn’t want it to.  Next go around, I chose Samba and mounted my server share all was well.  The GUI isn’t the most intuitive or as user friendly as Ghost or Acronis but after a few tries, you will have no problem working around the program.


Clonezilla home page

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