TapDefense Challenge Tips and Strategies

New version of TapDefense is now available!  Now we have challenges: “This is Sparta,”  “Sudden Death,” “Ten Towers,” “Silver Spoon” and “Credit Crisis.”  I am working on getting tips for you guys and will post my solutions as I progress.  Please leave any tips you have in the comments.

This is Sparta:TapDefense Challenge: Sparta

12.30.08 – Easy: Won this keeping all 3 wings with a score of 11,671 and  13,755 gold left.  You start with three halos, so first thing you should do is to upgrade your interest.  What I did was upgrade interest once and then researched ice.  I started with three arrow towers and then upgraded one to level  4.  A level 4 arrow tower has huge range and will do 250 damage.  Set this one in the middle.  The other two I kept at level three and then upgraded one more at around round 30.  After a while gold was not an issue and I had three storm towers (2nd to last tower I researched) all at level three and they were slightly staggered.   I then researched earthquake and put it as my last defense.  Basically it would clip some of the starting monsters but took out any that made it through the gauntlet I setup before.

Sparta Final Config for Medium12.31.08 – Med:  Won keeping 2 wings with a score of 10,210 and 10,742 gold left.  Very similar tactics I used in ten towers and the easy sparta.  I started with the three arrow towers except I. put two of them where the earthquake tower is on the picture.  I upgraded the arrows to level 4 once they were in-effective as level 3.  I’m finding out that you need to raise enough money, not only to get everything to level 3 but you to buy earthquake and upgrade to level three.  I don’t see any way to beat the politicians without earthquake.

Ten Towers:Tap Defense Challenge: Ten Towers Easy Config

12.31.08 – Easy:  Won this level losing 1 wing with a score of 37,591 and 137,500 gold left.  Start out the same as you would playing the regular game.  I made sure to upgrade interest twice before I researched any towers.  I had three arrow towers, two water towers and two cannons and upgraded them up to level 3 slowly, not too much to use up all my money.  I then upgraded my farthest arrow tower to level 4 and it acted as a type of sniper.  The first tower I researched was ice and I replaced both of my water towers and upgraded to level 3.  I maxed the rest of my towers with level 4 arrows because you will need them from level 30 to 33.  Once I got past level 33, got my storm tower and staggered them (see pic).  Used the earthquake to finish off the politicians and that’s it. 

1.3.09 – Med:  Won this level with a score of 8,860, 10,267 gold and 10 wings lefTenTowersWont. TenTowersFinal This level was pretty easy if you employ the tactics that I mentioned in Credit Crisis.  Lined the path with arrows and two level three water towers in the middle.  I had a few level 4 arrows toward the end, especially when money wasn’t an issue.  Once again, earthquake is a must have and level three ice makes it real easy to kill everything with it.  See pics for my final config.

Silver Spoon:

12.31.08 – Easy, Medium, Hard:  No tips here, just have fun.  The real challenge of this section is to see how much gold you can rack up.  There is no way you can lose it, especially if you research interest with the first two halos that were given to you.  This is a good level to relax to and not worry about strategy and focus on kicking some ass.

Credit Crisis:Credit Crisis Final config

1.2.09 – Easy:  Barely won with a score of 5,283 and with twelve gold left.  The key of this level is to only choose towers that you want to keep throughout the whole game.  I started with a level three water canon and two arrow towers.  My big mistake was to upgrade the arrow tower to level 4 (waste of money).  I should have started with two level 3 water canons.  Anyway, you need to get a level 3 earthquake to win so make sure that you have enough money for that.

CreditCrisis (2) 1.2.09 – Med:  Won this level with a score of 6,586, 17 gold and 18 wings left.  What I had to do is muddle through for the first 7 levels with arrow towers (see pic).  Once I got my CreditCrisisBeginningfirst halo, I researched, ice and replaced one of the arrow towers with a level 3 ice.  I put it where it could shoot at monsters coming and going.  I researched the earthquake tower next and put it on top and made it level 3.  Put a level 3 storm right at the beginning and bought as many ice as I could with the remaining money to slow down the monsters for the storm and earthquake towers.

1.3.09 – Hard:  Won this level having a score of 5,230, 15 gold left and 11 wings leCreditCrisisFinal configft.  Credit Crisis Begining ConfigWhat I did was line the path with arrow towers (see pic).   I held on long enough to wait to research earthquake and upgraded it to level 3.  After that I lined the path with ice towers to slow down the monsters.  Didn’t buy one magic tower.  The canon was put there because I had just enough money to buy it. 

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  1. Can’t get through hard on Sudden Death.. medium was a challenge, but so far no luck on hard! Some of these new challenges are pretty tough!! As always, thanks for the tips and updates… what a wonderfully frustrating game!

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