Monitor Server Room Temperature

Problem: Was having problems with our small server room overheating.  We have a dedicated AC for the room but it was malfunctioning from time to time.  In order to avoid server fail/over heating, we needed something that would notify us if the temperature in the server room went above a certain temp.
TemPageR Screen Shot
Solution: Found the TemPageR 3E from and it does exactly what we needed.  The device is about $200, has two temp sensors and a built in web server so you can literally plug it in and monitor almost instantly.  The device acts as one sensor and comes with a external sensor to monitor a different part of the room(You can buy a 3rd external sensor for $25).   I have the box sitting by the servers to monitor that temp and the external sensor is set to monitor the output of the AC.  Both have a threshold set and when that threshold gets met, I get an email notification warning me of a possible problem.  For the price, this is a perfect unit to give you a little piece of mind during the weekends.  It also comes in a rack mount version.


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