Gateway E-2610D will not connect to the internet

Problem:  Have a old Gateway E2610D that will not connect to the internet.  I check the NIC and I get link lights and when I run IPConfig, I get an IP address from the DHCP server but I can’t ping anything but the loopback.   Turned off the firewall and updated the drivers to see if that would work… Nothing.

Solution:  I had this same problem when GW was still a company and when these computers were still under warranty.  Even thought the NIC seemed to be functioning, it actually wasn’t.  GW sent me a replacement MB because it was a known problem with this batch of systems.  Since I can’t call Gateway customer support any longer for this model, the solution is to put a new NIC in and disable the other.  Works like a charm now.

NOTE:  These machines were bought from Gateway’s public sector dealers and that is the business that is now defunct.  Gateway retail which was bought by Acer is a totally separate business….

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