Improve Unity performance for VMware on a Mac

Problem:  When in Unity the Windows side seems to be choppy and sluggish when moving my icons around.   Would like to get the performance to be a bit more smoother along with other issues.

Solution:  This will be an ongoing document with more solutions as I find them.
1.  Change your background image to a color like black or white.  I chose black myself but either will work.  Since you are in Unity, you will not need to have a background image.  Very noticeable performance increase.
2.  Turn off Windows Aero (if using Windows 7).  Another feature that you do not need if you are in Unity.
3.  Upgraded to VMWare and OSX Lion and unity seems to be working a lot better.   However the mouse in windowed mode doesn’t work well at all. The cursor goes all over the place… We’ll see if Unity holds up…
More ideas to come but do you have any suggestions that might help performance in VMware Unity?

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