Online PDF to word converter and it’s free!

Problem:  I constantly get requests from customers to convert PDFs to word format.  There are many programs out there but they are either terrible with the conversion or expensive…

Solution:  Found a website, and it has an online app that will convert your PDF to a .DOC or .RTF file.  It’s as simple as uploading the file, selecting the file type and adding your email for the new converted doc to be sent.  Best of all, it’s free.  They do have a desktop version but it’s not free. 

Note:  I did run into some problems with this app and that was that it won’t convert any PDF that is deemed protected.  When it does, I get an error saying the conversion failed and that it was because the PDF was protected.

1.7.13:  If you would like a local OCR application on your machine give  a try.   It’s a free OCR application that will turn a PDF or TIFF into a word document. 

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