Roxio Retrospect 7.7 can’t list volumes on Exchange mailboxes .

Problem:  When trying to backup my exchange 2010 server using Roxio Retrospect 7.7 I got the following error:   “Sorry, can’t list volumes on Exchange mailboxes on exchangeserver. Error 3420 Unknown.   When I would look at the volumes in the client portion of Retrospect, I got an can’t track volumes, error 3420(Unknown).   All of this had to relate to me not being able to browse my Exchange mailboxes.

Solution:  Found a document on Roxio’s site that let me know what needed to be done to backup Exchange 2010.  Looks like the MAPI client libraries weren’t installed on my server.  I had to go to download the the MAPI files and install then onto my server.   I then removed the client and re-authorized/licensed it in the Retrospect program.  Problem Solved.

Roxio’s knowledgebase article on how to setup Retrospect for Exchange 2010.

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