Could not synchronize record: Outlook 2011 for Mac

office2011Problem:  Within Outlook 2011, I would get the following error:

Could not synchronize record: Returned mail: see transcript for details to Exchange server.
Operation would change object type, which is not permitted.
Error code: –19760

Tried deleted emails and meeting requests that we thought were causing problems with no luck. Checked all the logs on the exchange server but there was nothing to give a clue to what was wrong.

There isn’t a clear cut solution to this problem because several emails and/or folders can be the cause of this problem.  Here are the step that I took to fix my particular problem.

  1. Turn on logging within Outlook 2011 for Mac.  Instructions on how to turn on logging can be found here.
  2. Open the log file within console and I watched the log as Outlook 2011 was initializing.  The error, for me, seemed to have happened at startup.
  3. I noticed within the log that I got a “recoverable error” in regards to a folder that was created to store pop3 messages from another account.
  4. Deleted that folder and then re-created it and the error went away.

So it turns out that downloading email from a separate account into a folder caused an issue with the Exchange server.   This may not be the cause for all so watch the logs. But most likely, error –19760 is caused by a folder or object that, for some reason, can’t sync with Exchange.

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