Insufficient rights when moving mailbox: Exchange 2010

Problem:  When moving a mailbox from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, I received the following error:

Active Directory operation failed on This error is not retriable. Additional information: Insufficient access rights to perform the operation.
Active directory response: 00002098: SecErr: DSID-03150BB9, problem 4003 (INSUFF_ACCESS_RIGHTS), data 0

I’m doing this action with a domain admin user so rights shouldn’t be an issue.

The Authenticated Users group did not have the appropriate rights on the object.  
Within active directory users and computers, click on view and select “Advanced Features.”  Now go to the properties of the object and select the security tab and click on the “Advanced” button. Make sure that the Authenticated user has “List Contents,” Read All Properties,” and Read Permissions.  Make sure the “Allow inheritable permissions from parent…” option is checked click apply then OK.

In most cases making sure that the inherit permissions box is checked will fix the problem..

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