Sophos and Windows 7 Error 0000002f. The installation did not start.

Problem:  When trying to remotely install Sophos antivirus onto a Windows 7 workstation I get the following error:

The installation did not start.  The computer may have been shut down, renamed or disconnected, or a required service may not be running.  it my be running Windows XP Home or Windows Vista.

Tried turning off the firewall, installing it on the workstation locally but it wouldn’t update or install.

Had to start the remote registry service on the workstation.  By default it is set to manual.  Once I started it and set it to automatic, I was able to remotely install Sophos.   You can enable the remote registry service through group Policy by going into Group Policy Management Editor and configuring the service.  Within the editor go to –   Computer Configuration – Windows Settings – System Services.  Set it to Automatic and and apply.. 

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  1. I was wondering the same thing because some of the programs I had installed was for Windows XP and Vista but I only had Windows 7 Pro. I typed in ipconfig in the command prompt and had a IP address. I was a little confused but it hit me my wifes IPhone was using Netgear and thats who I keep getting a unsecured wireless conncetion! So I set up my wireless up with WEP, and WEP Secure and it’s beenn OK so far.

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