Windows 7 wireless. Connected but local access only

Connected my laptop running Windows 7 to a Netgear WG103 access point but cannot access the internet.   I ran an IPCONFIG and I have a IP address and I can ping the default gateway but no internet..  I check the Network and Sharing Center and it shows that my computer is connected to the wireless but has a big red X for the connection to the internet and says local access only.   Tried reinstalling drivers, rebooting, safe mode, virus checks and nothing worked.

I had the network authentication for the access point set to WPA2-PSK.  I remember reading somewhere that some have had problems with Windows 7 and this form of authentication.   So I switched the network authentication to WPA-PSK & WPA2-PSK.  Once I did that the Windows 7 machine connected to the internet without any problems.

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  1. i am connected to the internet all working fine but when im connected and online it shows there’s something wrong with my wireless i click on it and then it says connected to (talktalk) all fine but it still shows there’s something wrong and i installed a game and the patch is missing a file and i cant get the file because im connected to proxy server witch makes no sense at all to me and the only choice the diagnostics gives me is go to a friends house and download there witch is simply not an option im connected to WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK wont work because it just doesnt connect to talktalk and iv tried other security options and nothing can anyone help me

  2. Trying to give the solution at first, but read the comment up to the end.
    (it worked in win vista,i hope win 7 will show same result)
    simply open control panel > view network status and task > manage network connections > Here u will find ‘wairless network connections’. bring its properties by right clicking > a box comes with tab ‘networking’. find ‘TCP/IPv6’ and UNCHECK it. > then click on ‘TCP/IPv4′(dont UNCHECK) > click properties > select ‘ obtain IP address autometically.
    Now close all and connect with wairless as procedure. I hope u would get surprize as me.
    Thanx to Almighty ALLAH. I lost the site from where i found this solution. thanx to him also. it took me 1 year to find the solution. now we all know how frustrating the problem is. wish u all the best, help others with suggestions, and remember me in ur prayer.

  3. Doug, you are a champion.
    I was resetting my father’s old HP with Vista to its original setting and was not capable to make the WiFi working. I was going to BestBuy to buy a USB wifi mini-card…

    With the driver you listed, all is now working!


  4. Doug – Just had to add my thanks. It is now late April of 2014 and your Sept 2012 post is STILL saving folks a ton of headaches. I just bought a NETGEAR wi-fi extender and could get all the Windows 8.1 computers in the house connected but my Vista wouldn’t connect. I have been working on this for two days and have unsuccessfully tried to work with NETGEAR to solve the problem. Read your post, downloaded the file, restarted by computer and it worked like a champ. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting.

  5. Another upvote for Doug’s driver upgrade fix. Got the kid computer back online after I replaced our old wifi router. Thanks Doug!

  6. I have the same problem as above and have tried all the solution above and still have only local I do not see the solution for vista….

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