Chrome: Comes up with blank page after visiting site

Problem:  When I get to a website using Google Chrome, it renders the site fine but after about 2 or so seconds I get a white/blank screen.  It looks as if it’s refreshing on it’s own.   I tried a new tab, refreshing and reinstalling but no luck.  It happens on both of my Macs.  I don’t use the PC version of Chrome enough to know if it’s OS related.

Solution:  Haven’t found a real solution yet.  I noticed that this problem happens with all sites after using Chrome for a period of time.  The only way I can get Chrome to work is to restart it completely.  This, of course, isn’t the best solution and more of a work around but it’s a start.  If anyone has a solution or an idea for me, please post. 

Update:  I have read articles saying it’s the websites fault but if that were true, restarting Chrome wouldn’t work and it would happen on other browsers.. 

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