Roxio Retrospect: Trouble Reading Files error–1010 API request bad

Problem: When backing up certain mailboxes on my Exchange 2010 server, I get the following error: 

Trouble reading files, error –1010 (API request bad)

Then the backup fails and only part of the mailbox was backed up.   I have narrowed the problem down to a possible corrupt or “missing” file.  Reason why I know this is because I got a “cant read, error –1101” message error for the inbox.  When I removed the Inbox from the selection, the –1010 and -1101 error went away.  Problem is that removing the Inbox from the selection is not a good solution so I need to figure out how to repair this inbox…

I have tried reinstalling the client, New-MailboxRepairRequest within the Exchange Shell.  Nothing so far as worked.

Solution:  No solution yet. Retrospect’s forum hasn’t helped and it’s most likely an Exchange issue but retrospect should be able to skip those files and move on instead of giving up on the whole backup…  If you have any ideas, please post in the comments..

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