Exchange 2010: What do the icons mean within the Recipient Configuration Mailbox?

Problem:  In administering Exchange 2010, I have noticed that the icon next to the user’s display name were different; one of two icons. (below)  I figured it was because that I upgraded from Exchange 2003 and those were legacy mailboxes.  But that wasn’t it either. Really wasn’t a big deal but was curious as to what those meant.   imageimage


Solution:  When I was troubleshooting an issue with local and remote move requests, I noticed that these icons were tied to the status on if the users had a Move Request pending or finished.  If you do a move request and do not clear it the icon will be this next to the user’s display name.  image

If the mailbox has never had a move request or the request has been cleared the icon will look like the one below:


So with the mystery gone, I thought I would share.

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