Retrospect 7.x: Where do I specify normal or recycle backups?


Using 7.7.620 Multi Server edition, I was needing to change a couple of my backups from recycle to normal.  I couldn’t seem to find where to do that.


I was looking in the wrong places obviously and finally found that I needed to do the folowing:

  1. Go to “Manage Scripts”
  2. Highlight the script I need to change and click on the “Edit” button
  3. Click on the “Schedule” button
  4. Highlight the backup job and click on “Modify”
  5. You will find where to change the type of backup under the “Action” option at the bottom of the window.  You will have the choice of Normal, New Member, Recycle and New Backup Set.  Of course I chose Normal and clicked on OK.
  6. image

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