IOS 6 Installation and thoughts.

Today is the day where we can finally get our hands on IOS 6 for the iPhone.  Checked my 4S this morning and I’m technically still up to date.  I found a schedule on that lets you know when you can expect the download to occur.  For me it’s at 11:00am.  So still waiting..  Can’t wait to check the the new Map and I guess my Youtube app and google maps will be deleted?  We’ll see.

More to Come…

11:00am MST: Checked my phone and no updates yet.. I’m updating through the cloud instead of through iTunes..

11:10am MST:  Finally got it going.. I have to plugin and use iTunes though.  You need 2.5 GB to update over the cloud.  912MB download oniTunes.. Waiting…

11:45am MST: Update downloaded and iPhone rebooting.  Finally getting close.  Nice to not have all the issues like the old days where the servers went down..

11:51am MST: So I’m all updated and before you can use the phone, you have to go through the standard steps to activate it like accept the license usage and conditions and put in your iCloud password.   Hardly any of my apps were put back on so I’ll have to take care of that.. I noticed that passbook is now on, maps has a new icon and youtube is gone..

Update:  Well I haven’t added too much to this because I’ve been frustrated with the Maps, some phone issues and now the IOS 6 wifi issues are killing me.  Wonder when apple will give us an update.

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