IOS 6, iPhone 5 Wifi issues: Can’t connect

Iphone WIFI Issues

Problem:  Since upgrading to IOS 6 my iPhone would connect to an access point and even obtain an IP address but I wouldn’t have any access to the internet.   Same thing happened with my iPhone 5.  The downloading of apps failed during my restore from iCloud.

Solution:  I have tried many things and two seemed to work for me but it’s not a consistent/guaranteed fix.

1.  Went into Settings and deleted the History, Cache and Cookies in Safari.  Turned off the iPhone and then back on.  Working perfect.  So far so good.

2. I noticed that the type of encryption might be an issue as well.   At work, I’m using TKIP but at home I’m using WPA-Personal.  At home my WiFi and iPhone work just fine together.   I’ve read where others have had luck switching to WEP.  This kind of reminds me of the Windows 7 wireless issue I had.

3.  Some have even tried manually putting in Google’s DNS server in their network settings.  Or setting the proxy to auto.  Didn’t work for me but worth noting and hopefully it works for you. and are Google’s DNS servers..

Any other ideas?  Let me know..

Update 10.1.12:  If you are using Verizon, apparently Apple has come out with a fix that might help your problem.  More info…

Update 10.3.12:  I had an iPad 2 that I couldn’t get working.  Even tried changing the authentication to different types and still nothing.  Turns out that solution 1 above was the fix but it is imperative you reboot your device.  It wouldn’t work until I rebooted.

Update 10.22.12:  Still having to reset cache and cookies but the good news is that Apple is going to be releasing a new version, IOS 6.0.1 that might address these WIFI issues.  More info

Update 11.5.12:  Thought that the IOS update to version 6.0.1 would fix the wifi problem but this morning I had to solution 1 to get working again.  Anybody else still having the problem?

Update 12.19.12:  Apple has released iOS 6.0.2 which is supposed to fix “a bug that could impact Wi-Fi.”   Very general but hopefully it will work.  I installed it today and only time will tell.

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